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Special Victims Unit RPF

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Modern Gods in a Logos-Based World*

"What is permitted does nothing for me: what is forbidden arouses me fiercely." - Ovid

Special Victims Unit RPF is a (very) small (but growing) group willing to admit they like Real Person Fiction in the world of SVU. Yeah, we're weird, but we like it that way. Moderated membership and screened posts for comfort. You can join, but the mod speshulduck will probably contact you first to find out if you're serious about joining. We realize a lot of people don't like RPF. This has been a relatively wank-lite fandom, so don't start any shit over this. It's locked and moderated so you don't have to read it if you don't want to.

Cause all celebs in this fandom are clearly in love, with 'forbidden fruity themes'! (Thanks myrth.)

Community Rules
You can post pretty much anything you want (pictures, fic, the like), but if it's excessive please put it behind the lj-cut tag. I'm sure you've all learned how to do this by now, and if you haven't go read the FAQ about it. Excessive means more than three icons, more than one picture, and fic of any length.
As a general warning, we pretty much only have hetfic so far. You got some RPFS, feel free to post away, but most everyone's OTP is Chris/Mariska. Just so you know what you're getting yourself into :)
Try to keep the OT posting to a minimum. If you get involved in a huge debate with someone, unless the rest of the community finds it riveting (we won't) take it to e-mail or your own journals.

FRIENDS-LOCK EVERY POST. I'm not kidding. I will do my damndest to keep the wank down, and if that means no one outside the group can read it, then that's what we'll do.

We don't mind the occasional introduction post, mainly because it's a very small group. If you'd like to keep your identity here anonymous from others in the fandom, that's okay. We're not going to treat you like a Judas or anything. We respect that RPF seems a little odd (read: disgusting) to those not involved, and that you may want to keep your fandom identity a secret. But if you'd like to introduce yourself with any aliases we may know you under, that's great too!

Don't ever link to anyone's LJ without their permission because that'll get us TOS-ed. Don't hotlink to pictures that aren't on your bandwidth, or speshulduck will delete your post and call you a moron.

Story Format
Please use this standard format when posting a story. It makes life easier for those reading it.


And then lj-cut the ENTIRE TEXT OF THE STORY. Thank you.

* - Taken from an article on RPS found here.